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Best Places to Live Abroad

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff September 22, 2016

Best Places to Live Abroad

PHOTO: Taipei, Taiwan, is a great city for expats. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock.) 

With so many awesome places to go in the world, when you want to move abroad, how do you pick? Suzy Strutner writes about how she is choosing where to live abroad for the Huffington Post. Strutner based her list on three major surveys as well as some of her favorites cities. 

Number-one on the list is Valencia, Spain. 

“According to the Urban Europe report, this coastal city is currently experiencing a bump in tourism that tips its hand as a charming place to be. You’ll find cheap rent, great food and glorious beaches here, too,” she notes.

Toronto is another great choice. 

“Toronto earned high marks for its quality of life in not just one but two global surveys this month. Come here if you’re looking to escape crowds and live among friendly neighbors from diverse backgrounds,” she says. 

Thinking of Belgium? Antwerp is a good idea. 

“You’ll fall fast and hard for this quaint city that, according to the Urban Europe report, is gaining traction as an “alternative destination,” Strutner reports. 

In Asia, expats may want to consider Taipei. 

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“Taiwan dominated the InterNations rankings because of its friendly residents and a lucrative economy for finding jobs and saving money. Street markets, cosmopolitan vibes and great food make Taipei the place to be,” she says. 

These are just a few from a list of great places to live abroad. If you are looking for more suggestions, read more here