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Check Out The Most Posh, Ultra-Exclusive Caribbean Resort

Destination & Tourism Gabe Zaldivar November 28, 2016

Check Out The Most Posh, Ultra-Exclusive Caribbean Resort

PHOTO: Paradise awaits at the lavish Pink Sands Club. (Photo courtesy Facebook/Pink Sands Club)

Sometimes kicking your feet up at a roadside motel just won’t melt the stress away like you intended. Perhaps consider enjoying a romp where billionaires stay.

Bloomberg’s Nikki Ekstein unveils for the Internet the lavish and simply stunning Pink Sands Club in Canouan.

It’s the epitome of seclusion, the height of luxury and the apex of sophistication. And, as you might expect, draws the kind of clientele able to pay for such accommodations.

Our own cursory search into a three-night stay in December reveals a low-end price of $1,250 per night for the Two Bedroom Canouan Estate Residence. And when you look at images of the rooms, you understand quickly that even the more affordable accommodations give you a rare and truly special invitation to lavish living.

Ekstein reports that normally rates will be a bit higher: “With a price point that starts at $2,300 in high season for a single room, it very well might be the most expensive resort in the Caribbean.”

You almost feel guilty watching that video for free. Now imagine what it would feel like to arrive by jet on the island as you prepare for what has to be the world’s most pampered stay.

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And Ekstein explains that you will most assuredly arrive in style: “Fly through Barbados, St. Lucia, or Grenada, and as long as you're booking a four-night stay and availability permits, you'll get upgraded to a free private-jet transfer to Canouan.”

Fans of the famed Raffles resort now have this opulent 26 suite, six villa resort in which to frolic and play. In total, its production cost a whopping $126 million, which you can see play out handsomely in some of the images below.

The properties have 14 residences that run as much as a jaw-dropping $20,000 a night – although you can’t put a price on the joy that is wading in your very own pool that overlooks pristine, blue waters.

There is a notion we all have of paradise and vacationing within its confines. If you were to have a checklist of all the things this place would encompass, we have to imagine Pink Sands clears just about all of them.

If you close your eyes and imagine the world’s most prefect getaway, chances are you envisioned what officials have created on Canouan, an island playground for billionaires.