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Check Out These Underrated Tourist Attractions

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff February 16, 2017

Check Out These Underrated Tourist Attractions

PHOTO: Paris from Tour Montparnasse (Photo via Flickr/Fredrik Rubensson) 

Looking to ditch the crowds on your travels? Sometimes, the best attractions aren’t the most visited ones as some BuzzFeed users have pointed out, sharing their tips on where the best sights are in some of the world’s most popular places — starting in Paris, of course.

You can see all of Paris from the Eiffel Tower but why not skip the lines and head to the top of Tour Montparnasse instead? 

“Definitely don’t go to the top of Eiffel Tower. It’s a way better view on the top of Tour Montparnasse,” says BuzzFeed user jessicamfalvon, who also recommends checking out London’s Sky Garden rather than taking a turn on the London Eye. 

“It’s much better to go to the Sky Garden than the London Eye because it’s free! You just need to book your visit in advance,” she recommends. 

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Another BuzzFeed user says you can skip the Taj Mahal and visit the Golden Temple instead. 

“Agra is polluted and crowded and the streets around the Taj are filled with junky stuff for tourists. It’s usually a long (very long) day trip from New Delhi, and unless you get there really early, your photos will be filled with the crowds. If you can get to Amritsar, go to the Golden Temple. It’s an amazing cultural experience and stunningly beautiful. If you’re just in the Delhi area, go to the Red Fort where you can see Mughal buildings and art close up,” writes judithf46009c74f. 

Headed to Hollywood? You aren’t missing much if you head to the beach, instead, says BuzzFeed user natshadow. 

“Hollywood is basically a shadier version of Times Square. There’s nothing to even do besides walk on the street, get harassed by weird vendors and performers, and point at people’s stars. If you’re going to LA, just go to Santa Monica and walk through Beverly Hills, maybe go to a museum. But don’t budget a whole day for Hollywood,” says natshadow. 

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