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Check Out This Exclusive Resort for the Richest Men in the World

Destination & Tourism Jessica Kleinschmidt November 06, 2016

Check Out This Exclusive Resort for the Richest Men in the World

Photo by Jessica Sample 

Imagine this.

You spend a week surrounded by some of the rich and famous at an exlusve Golden Door Luxury Resort. You get to rub elbows and talk to fellow successful men you never imagined associating with and hike along 600 mountainous acres of land in Southern California. But it doesn't stop there.

Men from ages 35 to 80 participate in the "Men's Week" and only takes place five times a year (there are of course co-ed options as well.) According to Forbes, "money becomes a unique equilizer" at Golden Door and around 40 men can create bonds and friendships without worry --- optimism seems to be at an all time high here. 

It goes beyond exploring and bonding of course. The spa entites are fit for the high-class gentleman in your life. You can experience a "Hinoki Body treatment" which is a muscle-soothing blend of Hinoki, Cypress and Cedar to help restore inner balance and clear the mind and a Lomi Lomi massage. Once your treatments have concluded you can enjoy a dinner made of organic ingredients (because of course) by "movie star-handsome" Chef Greg Frey Jr. Even when guests are told they are not allowed alcohol, nicotine, butter or salt, Forbes writer Jim Dobson says you don't miss those things after you've had these culinary experiences.

So if you have a measley $10,000 lying around you can have this experience with proceeds going to charity. "To show support to those involved in making the world a more loving, more humane and more peaceful place, Golden Door has pledged 100% of net profits to select charities in support of their missions." The mission for the resort is to find tranquility for a luxurious escape.

You can read more on the experience on Golden Door's official website.

Golden Door Luxury Resort