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China's New Lucky Knot Bridge Is A Winding Wonderland

Destination & Tourism Gabe Zaldivar November 03, 2016

China's New Lucky Knot Bridge Is A Winding Wonderland

PHOTO: China’s Lucky Knot Bridge looks amazing. (Photo by Julien Lanoo)

One Chinese bridge isn’t merely connecting one area of land to another; it’s managing to captivate anyone fortunate to traipse its expanse.

Amusing Planet introduces us to a beautiful new bridge that now lives in Changsha, China, and slices soothingly across the Dragon King Harbour River.

The bridge, featured in a wealth of images from social media below, is thanks to design outfit NEXT architects and looms at 185 meters long and, at its apex, is 24 meters high.

It twists and turns and mesmerizes from a distance. But, we imagine, it nurtures the adventurer’s spirit once you walk across its steps and pathways.

But before we get too far along, we might as well show off the new bridge you simply must cross if you’re in the area.

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Some might find a bridge of such stunning architecture and dismiss it as a passing curio, but there is tremendous depth at work here.

As Amusing Planet notes, NEXT architects Beijing partner Jiang Xiaofei explained, “The Lucky Knot is more than a bridge and a connection between two river banks. Its success lays in bringing cultures together, and in the fusion of history, technology, art, innovation, architecture and spectacle.”

We have walked so many bridges across the world, each with its own features and style. Every last one leaves a specific impression that lasts a lifetime.

Sometimes it’s the river or chasm below that we will never forget. Others have paths paved with remarkably intricate designs while others boast transparent glass that excites and terrifies.

In Changsha, the new bridge undulates and twists, leaving the legs exhausted and the spirit rejuvenated. The Lucky Knot is truly as beautiful as it is mesmerizing.