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Discover Adventure Boot Camp for Desk Jockeys

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff September 22, 2016

Discover Adventure Boot Camp for Desk Jockeys

PHOTO: Can you survive the jungles of Indonesia? (Photo courtesy of Thinkstock) 

If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone but haven’t left your desk yet, Outside Magazine has a suggestion. Adventure Academy is taking small groups of paying travelers to explore — and survive — the Indonesian jungle. 

The treks are challenging and remote and Matt Prior, who leads the tours, insists that they are not tours. 

“These are classes,” he stresses to Outside. “Not tours.”

The classes may come with many of the conveniences of a tourist package–lodging, transportation, a guide–but they’re also intended to prepare participants for future wilderness trips on their own.” 

You also don’t just book a class with the Adventure Academy. Guests must apply for acceptance.

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“There are people out there who have an idea and they’ll just go and do it and they don’t need anyone for a bit of guidance. That’s fine. That’s not who this is aimed at,” Prior tells Outside. “But then there are people out there who love the idea of a challenging, international adventure…but they’ll never, regardless of what you do, take that plunge.”

What happens during an Adventure Academy? Prior doesn’t want to spoil the mystery, so he asked that not too many details be revealed. But if you would like to learn more, read on for a few extra details here