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Discover the Best of Western Canada

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff September 30, 2016

Discover the Best of Western Canada

PHOTO: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in Alberta (photo courtesy Flickr/Jan Beckendorf

The best way to get advice on where to go is to turn to those who know it best and the Guardian turned to its readers for advice on where to go in Western Canada and here is what they shared. 

The winning reader tip: checking out falling buffalo in Alberta. There’s a place in southwest Alberta called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site where buffalo actually had their heads smashed in. 

“Herds of buffalo were deliberately stampeded over the cliff’s edge here by the indigenous plains people for nearly 6,000 years,” write Guardian readers. 

The visitors center is built into the side of a cliff and visitors learn how the Blackfoot nation relied on these majestic creatures for survival. 

Another must-see Western Canada destination readers suggested was Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. 

“They started life as a quarry, owned by cement businessman Robert Pim Butchart, but when the limestone deposits were exhausted, his wife and company chemist, Jennie Butchart, decided to turn a scar on the landscape to a place of beauty,” say Guardian readers. 

Not every tip was a historic landmark or a beautiful gardens. Guardian readers definitely have a sense of humor and also suggest some of the area’s quirkier attractions — like Gopher Hole Museum. 

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“Gophers are the bane of farm life on the prairies and the super-weird Gopher Hole museum in Torrington, between Edmonton and Calgary, has a multitude of these rodents posed in dioramas. So strange but incredible,” say readers. 

Western Canada’s landscapes are immensely diverse and so are readers suggestions for visitors. Read on for more of them here