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Dispatch: 7 Things I Remembered The Instant I Arrived In Las Vegas

Destination & Tourism | Gabe Zaldivar | March 11, 2016

Dispatch: 7 Things I Remembered The Instant I Arrived In Las Vegas

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Vegas, the city that never sleeps because it's busy passing out from inebriation, was my home sweet home for a spell recently.

I am fortunate enough to have been invited to witness and participate with a wealth of gifted travel agents at the 2016 American Airlines Vacation Scavenger Hunt.

I will have a lot more in the coming days, including a recap on this wonderful and immersive experience.

However, I felt the opportunity was perfect to breakdown just some of the things you encounter in Vegas.

I have been here many times, but there are things that I continually forget until I see those inviting lights on the horizon.

Here are a few.

Insane Optimism: We know the odds when we pack for Sin City. We understand that just breaking even is a win before we board the plane. But the second we get off that plane we forget it all, replacing wisdom with the need to put a $20 in the first machine we see.

Free In-Room Wi-Fi: Las Vegas is one of the rare cities where it's hard to find in-room Wi-Fi included with the price of the room. For that matter, the TV channel selection is rather slim depending on where you are staying.

Of course, you can find free Internet watering holes in casinos and bars. It's almost as if these places don't want you in the rooms.

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It's Easy To Personify Slot Machines: For some reason, slots become entities greater than simply machines that spew virtual currency in receipt form if you are fortunate enough to win.

The moment you enter the casino they become very real people that you feel you can assuage with some goading or perhaps a lucky charm.

Yes, I have really meandered past a slot machine and kept walking because it didn't feel right. And, from experience, talking to the damn thing doesn't work either.

Some People Are Gross: This goes out to the man who walked up to the fried chicken platter at the buffet counter and proceeded to ignore the tongs and instead touch the chicken with his fingers, decide it wasn't crispy enough and walk away.

I hope your future travels are filled with stomach aches and trips to the commode.

Even The Little Ones Hurt: I lost $3 at the slots and now feel depressed. Me thinks I am not the devil-may-care free spirit I had hoped.

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Casinos Smell Deceptively Clean: The filtration systems in casinos are wonderful now. However, they don't work miracles. In fact, I now smell like your grandmother's ashtray.

People-Watching: The best entertainment is still very much free. One of the most rewarding things you can do in Vegas is walk the casino and take it all in.

Whether on the strip or downtown, there are always new sights and sounds to enrich any trip. From the craps table bursting with frivolity to Mr. Mullet pulling down slot machine riches with a tall can in hand, you will find a treasure trove of memories by simply meandering.

The best tip I can offer is not to place your money on the first table you see. That goes for casinos and hotels on a whole.

Keep walking; keep exploring. You will never tire in this place, which is a good thing because it never closes.

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