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Don’t Know Where to Go? Why Not Take a Mystery Trip.

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 16, 2016

Don’t Know Where to Go? Why Not Take a Mystery Trip.

PHOTO: Indonesia (Photo courtesy Thinkstock) 

Sometimes you know you want to get away, but deciding where to go is just too overwhelming. So why not leave it to the experts, recommends Thrillist

Jubel is “a service that ships you off to a mysterious destination somewhere in the world, and guides you through the experience with a series of envelopes. It's custom designed for your budget and travel preferences: keeping you in one city or having you hopscotch across multiple continents. Kinda like The Amazing Race, without the bickering,” writes Matt Meltzer. 

It’s not as easy as just hopping on a plane and taking off. The experience starts with a survey. 

“You fill out a survey on where you want to travel (or don't), your preferences for scenery, how nice a hotel you want, and what kind of rental car you can drive. It also asks how much of the trip you want to be a surprise. Then you and Jubel confab by phone to talk through the trip: budget, specific preferences, and time frames,” says Meltzer. 

Once the parameters are set, you’re off. 

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Travel journalist Meredith Veit, who traveled with Jubel to Indonesia, told Thrillist that the experience was “like I had planned my own perfectly orchestrated surprise."

The typical trip lasts less than a week, but it can be as long as you want and guests can spend their time in one place or travel to several. 

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