Last updated: 12:23 PM ET, Sun October 30 2016

Election Day Vacations are a Thing, and We Could All Use One

Destination & Tourism Jessica Kleinschmidt October 30, 2016

Election Day Vacations are a Thing, and We Could All Use One

photo courtesy of Travcoa 

We are coming up on Election Day and the moment November 8th comes and goes, you'll be allowed to day an "Election Day" Vacation. Yes, it's an actualy thing. 

This is a chance to take some time away from the news and your friends and family putting memes all over your social media timelines. And why not? You deserve it.

Since the election is during the Fall, you have the opportunity to go anywhere and know it's going to be a beautiful sight. Autumn foliage is one of the most easily attainable getaways you can experience. 

Think about it. You can just hop in your car and head north and expect to be blown away by your favorite orange and brown colors. If you need more specfics, Travel and Leisure has a "Fall Foliage Interactive Map" to show the best spots to go to experience "leaf peeping."

Travel and Leisure also suggests a brewery vacation. This is exactly what it sounds like. With the pumpkin ales and darker brews in full bloom, you can take your tastebuds to the Pacific Northwest to experience a Deschutes Brewery adventure or an adventure to the Midwest to try all the flights of Gordon Biersch

The obvious spa relaxation and beach getaway is always there too. You can't turn down fun in the sun with a drink you can't pronounce (it has an umbrella in it, so you know it's going to be a good time.)

And the best option you can do if you don't want to dip into your wallet is simply disconnect from your social media and technology and look in your own backyard.

Okay not literally in your backyard, but become a tourist in your own city! Check out any new shops and restaurants to support local small businesses and invite some friends who are more than likely over the political campaigns. Just do your best to ignore any talk about politics and make it fun. The first person to bring up anything related to the election has to buy you a drink or takeover the tab for dinner.