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Fall In Love With Norway’s Fjords In This Amazing Video

Destination & Tourism Gabe Zaldivar November 04, 2016

Fall In Love With Norway’s Fjords In This Amazing Video

PHOTO: Norway’s beautiful landscape is calling you. Photo courtesy YouTube/Outside Television)

Not that you need the motivation, but this video will have you salivating for a trip to Norway to bike among its fabulous fjords.

YouTube channel Outside Television (h/t Digg) introduces us to an excursion aboard the good ship Gassten, which is noted as for its previous service at the beginning of the video: “For 26 years Gassten served as a minesweeper and rescue vessel in the harsh waters of the Baltic Sea; now she leads a very different life.”

The video spotlights that life, which means squiring travelers to various life affirming spots and then welcoming them home to a warming dinner and a chorus of laughter with friends. 

Beware, because the following video will invoke a sudden wave of wanderlust. 

So, by now you are wondering how you might recreate the ride down a winding landscape and enjoy a cozy dinner aboard the Gassten. The YouTube channel hat tips H+I Adventures for the experience, and a look at its website offers a trove of possible excursions.

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There are mountain biking adventures promised in Ecuador, British Columbia, Mexico and, of course, Norway.

That particular page introduces you to the ways you can replicate the above video’s charm. Listed at £3,400/$5,100, you can enjoy this advanced journey that takes place over the course of seven nights and eight days.

The following highlights sound particularly enticing: “Stepping out on deck to marvel at a new view every morning; Hiking your bike to the trail summit then gazing into the fjord below; Being spoiled by your own private chef cooking for you on the boat.”

When coupled with the above video, the itinerary is something that proves near impossible to resist.

Norway’s beauty may just be that bastion of splendor mountain bikers never knew they needed to conquer.