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Families Can Find Vacation Bargains in Hawaii

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 29, 2016

Families Can Find Vacation Bargains in Hawaii


Deals to Hawaii, especially in the fall, are a great find for families wanting to travel to the Islands as Freda Moon points out in an article for The New York Times

Moon purchased a vacation bargain for her family of three and found big savings — but not without concern. 

“For years I’d seen online ads for surprisingly affordable prefab vacations — airfare and hotel, with maybe a car and a tour thrown in — through unexpected vendors like Groupon and Costco. I remember thinking, “Do people actually buy vacations through Costco?” she writes. 

She ended up finding a package through an OTA and that was convenient and affordable. 

“After more comparison shopping than was prudent (a future column will delve into how best to shop for this kind of trip), I booked a $968-per-person Expedia package that included a convenient five-hour flight and four nights at the five-star Fairmont Orchid resort,” she reports. 

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Moon also found affordable eats and a rental car for the vacation. 

“We spent the day exploring the resort, indulging in the nap, an early evening swim in a pool framed by faux lava rock, and an in-room picnic dinner from the deli case at the nearby Foodland Farms, a local chain supermarket that sells poke, the Hawaiian raw fish salad, by the pound,” Moon shares. 

Overall, the vacation was a success. 

“Though it won’t likely become one of our family’s traditions, I could see how a Hawaiian vacation package, with its ease and touch of pre-baby spontaneity, would be an alluring one,” says Moon. 

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