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H20BX: First Look At The Outer Banks' Amazing New Water Park

Destination & Tourism Erik Yates November 14, 2016

H20BX: First Look At The Outer Banks' Amazing New Water Park

All illustrations courtesy of Aquatic Development Group

North Carolina’s Outer Banks is renowned for its beauty, history and great fun in the water. In 2017, they will be known for one of the world’s newest and innovative new waterparks, as H2OBX is slated to open in summer of 2017.

The new waterpark has just broken ground, and will feature more than 30 different waterslides and attractions. The new park is also being headed up by one of the leaders in waterpark development and technology, the Aquatic Development Group.

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The new water park will be located in Powells Point, North Carolina, building on the architecture and feel of the area, and will have everything from their own lighthouse to pirate ships, and even the first ever airplane, the Wright Flyer. The new waterpark will concentrate on bringing unique guest experiences to hundreds of thousands of families who not only vacation in the Outer Banks ever year, but also to those who live in the area as well.

Aquatic Development Group (ADG), who is the main group behind the development, is no stranger to waterparks. They have been an industry leader for years, and will be bringing the new park to life. Some of the new attractions will include the Twin Tides wave pool. Think if your standard wave pool never ended at that big wall that’s so common in other parks. Other attractions will include tube slides with dazzling light and sound experiences, as well as thrill drop slides that have the floor come right out from under you.

Here’s more of the attractions coming to H2OBX next summer:

  • FlowRider, Surfing Simulator
  • Twin Tides dual entry Wave Pool
  • 30,000 square-foot Action Wave Pool
  • Adventure Lagoon featuring balance, climb and crawl across floats and structures
  • Two high-speed Colorado Drop tube rides over 500 feet long and 71 feet long
  • 90-foot tall Aqua Drop launch capsule free fall slide
  • 90-foot tall Flat Line Loop body slides with launch capsule translucent fiberglass
  • 50-foot drop Boomerango inner tube ride wall stall and Aqua Lucent lighting
  • SuperBowl thrill ride with Aqua Lucent lighting and open bowl with a distinctive sawtooth edge
  • 500-foot long Constrictor slide featuring high-speed tight turns
  • 500-foot long Boomerango family raft ride with drops, weightless wall and zero gravity hump
  • 540-foot long family raft ride over 540 feet long with open and enclosed sections and Aqua Lucent lighting
  • Five Kid’s body and tube slides offering turns and loops
  • Pirate themed aqua play structure with more than 70 interactive features and seven slides including the Champagne Bowl body slide

In addition, the park will include at least four food and beverage locations, and 50 cabanas. Guests can plan on spending the entire day, and can find a place to relax.

“We are very excited to be working with the entire Outer Banks community to deliver a world-class waterpark that will deliver an exciting new entertainment option for vacationers,” said Arthur Berry III, H2OBX developer in a press release. “H2OBX will further benefit the area through pre-and post opening job creation and draw additional tourism to the area.”   

The new waterpark is expected to bring over 200 full-time and seasonal jobs to the area. More details and an opening date will be released in early 2017 as the park progresses.