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How Universal Is Bringing The Terror Of ‘American Horror Story’ To Life

Destination & Tourism Erik Yates October 21, 2016

How Universal Is Bringing The Terror Of ‘American Horror Story’ To Life

Photo by Erik Yates

“American Horror Story” is one of the most disturbing and successful shows on television in the past twenty years. The Anthology series uses amazing actors with grabbing storylines to captivate you and draw you in. Then, when you’re not looking, it sucker punches you and pushes you into a very uncomfortable corner, while it does very disturbing things above you.

The FX show is halfway into its sixth season, and it has already been renewed for an eighth season. That means that the show is on fire and not slowing down anytime soon. The team at Universal has taken notice, and has brought the show to life at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights in both Orlando and Hollywood.

Halloween Horror Nights has a habit of taking big name horror, whether it be TV shows, movies or their own twisted creations and bringing them to life. Universal practically invented horror, so it should be no surprise that Halloween Horror Nights adds some of the most exquisite detail that you’ve ever seen in a haunted house. That’s the case with American Horror Story. The house (or maze) brings the first, fourth and fifth seasons to life (as fans of the show call them, Murder House, Freak Show and Hotel).

When you walk into the maze, you are walking on to the set of the show, as just about every single major iconic scene is recreated here almost flawlessly. From demented doctors to ghosts trapped in a house, even the music is brought to life in living color. You ever wanted to stroll through the giant mouth, and the huge banners of Freak Show? You’re doing it here, while you listen to David Bowie sing about “Life on Mars.” You’ll walk through rows of coffins while Hotel California blares.

Take a walk through American Horror Story at Universal Studios Hollywood:

“American Horror Story” is the perfect fit for Halloween, and Halloween Horror Nights. Naturally, it’s not the first TV show to be featured at Halloween Horror Nights. “The Walking Dead” has been a staple for the past five years at the event, and it’s been bringing guests to the event that normally wouldn’t go. The same is being said about “American Horror Story,” as the house gets the largest waits, often pushing over two hours.

Still, fans love it, and have raved about it being possibly the best house at the event this year. It’s certainly one of the longest in HHN history, taking up three-quarters of the massive soundstage at Universal. And, unlike “The Walking Dead,” guests can actually see their favorite characters in action in the maze. You will see Dandy pitching a fit, Twisty being creepy, the Countess being sexy, and come face to face with the Leatherman.

With the success of this year’s house at the event, and the ever growing popularity of the show, it’s very likely that we will see a continuation of the show next year. Asylum and the current season, Roanoke are very visually appealing with some huge sets in store, plus we could see a nod back to season three and Coven.

The house at Halloween Horror Nights serves as a living, breathing interpretation of the show. If you’re a fan, this is one you can’t miss, but you better hurry because time is almost up.