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insightCuba's Tom Popper Spotlights Cuba on TravelPulse Radio

Destination & Tourism Gabe Zaldivar November 02, 2016

insightCuba's Tom Popper Spotlights Cuba on TravelPulse Radio

PHOTO: The beauty and pulse of Cuba awaits you. (Photo courtesy Instagram/insightCuba)

Cuba remains for so many travelers that unattainable beauty. Now, thanks to an easing of restrictions, Americans can travel to the island nation and discover its rich culture, amazing food and vibrant people.

TravelPulse editor-in-chief Tim Wood and managing editor Barry Kaufman welcome a man who has been showing off the remarkable nation to travelers for 16 years now.

The fourth episode of TravelPulse Radio features none other than Tom Popper, CEO of insightCuba, which is, “a tour operator specializing solely in legal people-to-people travel to Cuba for Americans.”

For a brief introduction of Popper, head to the 41:30 mark in the podcast posted below. If you want to dive in wholeheartedly into the discussion with the CEO, then jump to 42 minutes and 46 seconds into the show.

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The discussion begins on an important topic, a possible Donald Trump presidency, which may very well lead to a closing down of Cuban access. As Popper contends, the influx of American business has caused something of an inextricable link between the two nations.

As for insightCuba, they have been around for quite sometime. Popper offers: “We’re one of the pioneers in people-to-people travel. We received one of the first licenses back in early 2000 and subsequently sent the first group of Americans under a people-to-people license and have been doing it ever since through changing regulations and many of the changes that have been occurring in Cuba.”

The hosts wonder whether Cuba is indeed going to transform quickly now that restrictions have been eased.

Popper thinks that while things have evolved remarkably – most Cubans now have cell phones – the romantic aspect of the country will endure.

The entire conversation is an eye-opening discussion on the country and even features ways that you can now visit on your own.

Thankfully the desire to see the country doesn’t have to remain wishful thinking for so many travelers.