Last updated: 10:00 AM ET, Sat November 19 2016

Is Cannabis Tourism in Denver About to Get a Boost?

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 19, 2016

Is Cannabis Tourism in Denver About to Get a Boost?

PHOTO: Smoking weed could be legal in some Denver establishments soon. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock)

Staying ahead of the marijuana tourism curve, weed fans are about to be able to take advantage of new rules in Denver that ease restrictions on where you can smoke. 

“A new law in Denver, Colorado, that allows legal weed in certain bars and restaurants could give the state's "canna-tourism" industry a big boost,” reports Melia Robinson for Business Insider

Initiative 300, which passed on Nov. 15, means that businesses can apply for permits that grant permission for on-site “consumption areas.” 

“The bill clears a path for people to smoke in Denver coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and even yoga studios with special permitting,” says Robinson. 

For obvious reasons, marijuana-focused hospitality groups are overjoyed. 

“As more states hop on the legalization bandwagon, industry experts tell Business Insider they expect Colorado's canna-tourism revenue to dip. Initiative 300 could breathe new life into the space,” Robinson reports. 

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Public use of the substance has been banned, even though it has been legal since 2012. 

"Whether people like it or not, cannabis is a huge draw for tourists and there was no safe place to consume cannabis," said Truman Bradley, founder of Denver dispensary chain Southwest Alternative Care and CEO of a newly launched canna-tourism group, Seed & Smith, tells Business Insider. 

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