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Is Toronto the Best Chinese Food City in the World?

Destination & Tourism Patrick Clarke October 17, 2016

Is Toronto the Best Chinese Food City in the World?

PHOTO: Chinese food at Toronto's La Mere restaurant. (Photo via Flickr/Stefan Krasowski) 

Good Chinese food can be hard to find. But not in Toronto, especially if you know where to look.

According to the experts, the Canadian destination is home to a plethora of world-class Chinese joints ranging from round-the-clock restaurants like Richmond Court Restaurant to Chinese-style Vietnamese and Thai eats at Saigon Star.

The rave reviews are piling up and most seem to agree, including the New York Times' Frugal Traveler, who earlier this month highlighted the destination's variety of both quality and cheap Chinese restaurants serving dumplings, barbecued meats and more.

While there's delicious Chinese cuisine to be consumed in Toronto's Chinatown neighborhood, some of the best offerings can be found outside of the city in suburb strip malls. The Frugal Traveler describes the corridor along Highway 7 as an "unscenic but pulsing artery of high quality, delicious and inexpensive regional Chinese cuisine."

Specifically, Rapid Travel Chai's Stefan Krasowski recommends the shrimp dumplings at Jim Chai Kee in the town of Richmond Hill.

The same strip mall that is home to the Richmond Court Restaurant also houses La Mere and Pun Cao Tong. The former serves up Beijing food like fried shredded pancakes and fried geda, while the latter specializes in Hong Kong and Taiwan desserts.

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"Try the fruit desserts with sago and ice cream or a healthy herbal concoction," Krasowski recommends.

Afterward, you'll probably want to wash down dessert with a Taiwanese bubble tea from Tea Shop 168 or Presotea.

In addition to Richmond Hill, Markham is a Toronto hotspot when it comes to unbeatable Chinese. The Frugal Traveler describes the dried scallop and pork soup dumplings at Ding Tai Fund inside First Markham Place as "small explosions of flavor."

Congee Queen and Sun's Kitchen are two other Chinese standouts in Markham.

The list of worthwhile Chinese restaurants goes on and on. So while you likely have your go-to spot around the corner from your house, don't call yourselves a Chinese food connoisseur until you've tasted what Toronto has to offer.