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Las Vegas Tops Sexiest Cities, Most Popular for Valentine's Day

Destination & Tourism February 04, 2013

Las Vegas Tops Sexiest Cities, Most Popular for Valentine's Day

Las Vegas tops the list of sexiest cities and most popular destinations for Valentine’s Day 2013, according to a recent survey by Orbitz. Topping the survey’s list of sexiest cities in the U.S. is Las Vegas, which is also the most booked destination for the long weekend.

The second sexiest city is Miami, and the third-place winner is New Orleans. Orbitz compared 2012 with 2013 hotel bookings for Valentine's Day through Presidents Day weekend, with Miami, Houston and Atlantic City joining the list and Cancun and San Diego falling off the list. New Orleans and Las Vegas are showing the biggest decrease in hotel rates, with savings of 35 percent and 7 percent, respectively.

Ranked in order, the top five sexiest cities in the U.S. are Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco and New York. Internationally, the sexiest city is Paris, followed by Rio de Janeiro, Tahiti, St. Tropez and Barcelona.

According to survey respondents, what makes a city sexy are location/scenery (32 percent of respondents noted this characteristic) and its personality as represented by architecture and quaint neighborhoods (32 percent). Other factors include its culture (13 percent), the people (11 percent) and nightlife (9 percent). When selecting a hotel, travelers look for champagne and chocolates upon arrival (34 percent), breakfast in bed (27 percent) and couples spa services (26 percent) in terms of amenities.

The 10 most popular U.S. destinations for the President’s Day/Valentine’s Day weekend, in order, are Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlantic City and Honolulu.