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Mexico Expert Greg Custer Joins TravelPulse Radio

Destination & Tourism Gabe Zaldivar October 26, 2016

Mexico Expert Greg Custer Joins TravelPulse Radio

PHOTO: travAlliancemedia’s Mexico expert Greg Custer. (Photo courtesy Greg Custer)

It’s easy to fall in love with a place when you have someone who is passionate about the locale introducing it to you.

For many of you, this may be the case as TravelPulse Radio welcomed the managing director of Mexico and Latin America for travAlliancemedia and an all-around expert of all things Mexico, Greg Custer, onto the show.

One immediately gets a sense of how much Custer adores the region and it spills out in an interview that covers a wide swath of topics.

TravelPulse editor-in-chief and host Tim Wood and TravelPulse managing director Barry Kaufman launch into a discussion of Custer and his most recent confines, which just so happens to be the paradise known as Cancun.

For the interview, you can head to one hour and 18 minutes into the show, which is posted at the bottom of the page.

This is where we meet Custer who was at the Cancun Travel Mart this October. Custer jumps in on the summit that has been around nearly 30 years and represents an area that makes up almost 40 percent of the tourism market for Mexico. Cancun, as you would imagine, is a staggeringly popular destination.

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You will become well acquainted with Mexico throughout the interview thanks to a man who has a passion for the country and has made his home close to Guadalajara for the past 14 months.

The most intriguing part of the interview was when Custer delved into the social and political aspects of the nation.

As he states, it’s, “the most evolving democracy in the Americas.”

Custer continues, “The Mexican government is attempting reforms on so many different fronts that have to do with really how the society is able to modernize and evolve and bring more people into the government and give them a voice in their own government.”

As for what might be next for this evolving nation, Custer notes the recent referendums on the legalization of marijuana, various education reforms and a growing diversity among political parties. He sees more Mexicans taking advantage of the joy and splendor of their own landscape. Tourism officials look to their own and encourage them to, “get out and explore their own country.”

The interview then meanders over to a conversation about Los Cabos and its new infrastructure and booming hotel business as well as the impact all-inclusive resorts have had on the Cancun area.

It’s nice to sit at the pool for a week, but, as Custer notes, it’s wondrous to, “Explore beyond the walls of the all-inclusive resort.”