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More Details Emerge About Disney’s 'Star Wars' Land

Destination & Tourism Erik Yates November 02, 2016

More Details Emerge About Disney’s 'Star Wars' Land

Photo courtesy of Disney Parks

Adventure? Excitement? A Jedi craves not these things. Luckily for us, we’re not Jedi, because not only can we not wait for the exciting new Star Wars Land, we are clinging to every single detail! A few new rumored details have popped over at Mice Age that have us excited. However, we must stress that these are just rumors and that we have to take them with a grain of salt until Disney either confirms or denies them.

Construction is well underway at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World for the new “Star Wars” based land. The land isn’t going to be your typical Disney operation, where you have a small change in scenery, and a few rides. Disney is looking to outdo Universal, and that means that they are going to take a few steps from their book, and make them even better.

The primary comparison here will be The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Diagon Alley. If you’ve been to the world in Florida, you literally disappear from the Muggle World. You cannot see the rest of Universal Orlando, and you are transported to the mythical Alley in London. Disney is looking to make that the case with Star Wars land. The area will be surrounded by mountains that completely block your view of the rest of the parks, both in Orlando and California. You will truly believe that you are transported to a new planet, and an outpost of an alien world. The parks intend to do that with some strategic building placement, and giving you direct access through specific entry and exit points.

The entire world will be immersive in this new Star Wars story, which will exist alongside, but outside of the films. Instead of sitting down to eat at a themed restaurant, you’ll be walking into something that works like a renaissance fair. You’ll be greeted not by humans, but by aliens in very detailed costumes. Once seated, you’ll be treated to something like a dinner show, as performers take the stage, and your meal is brought out to you. While it’s hard to imagine, you won’t be eating in a theme park, but an unruly cantina on the outskirts of the galaxy. Characters will roam throughout, while you dine and watch performances.

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In the streets you’ll be walking the streets of a marketplace, instead of gift shops as guests interact with creatures and races of aliens. Disney is going for the most complete and immersive experience they can get, and while we admit we are excited, it’s really hard to imagine with the levels of Disney’s crowds.

The best, however comes from the two signature attractions. There will be a Millennium Falcon flight simulator, where you actually get to pilot the legendary space ship, and a ride where you escape from the First Order Stormtroopers.

According to the rumors, the Millennium Falcon Ride will have several huge pre-show scenes in the queue that will set up the experience. Think Tower of Terror, or Escape from Gringotts where you are put in the middle of the action before you even get on the ride. The ride itself will have a very “choose your own adventure” vibe, as your actions will determine the outcome of the ride. If you aren’t very good, or you fail, you will not get a happy ending. This is going to be great for the re-ride value of the ride, as it means multiple endings and results.

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The other big ride will be the Stormtrooper Escape. The park will be pushing the envelope with this new attraction, in ways that Disney has never done before. The multi-level attraction will not only use the new Lightsaber technology that Disney has filed a patent on recently, but there will be a point where guests will stop the ride, and get off. Normally, that means the end of the ride, but not this time. Here guests will journey through a themed environment, and have a few minutes to explore before getting back on the ride vehicle for a huge finale. The ride will be all about timing, and will use several different ride vehicles that will be on a continuous loop. You will be forced to exit the ride during one scene, explore another scene (where you are possibly “chased”) and get back on in a harrowing escape.

Again, none of this has been officially announced, so until Disney officially says it’s happening, we’ll treat it as a rumor.

The other big rumor is the opening date, which is said to be as early as 2020, right before the opening of the final film in the current Star Wars Trilogy. The goal is to have both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland versions open at the same time, but we’ll just to see how that plays out as the land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is behind schedule.