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Morocco Looks to Be a Top Tourist Destination

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 01, 2016

Morocco Looks to Be a Top Tourist Destination

PHOTO: Marrakech, Morocco (Photo courtesy Thinkstock) 

Tourism is a top job creator in Morocco and the country is looking to reform its tourism sector to boost the country to one of the top 20 in the world for visitors by 2020, says Morocco World News

“Given the integral importance of the sector in Morocco’s GDP and its significance as the second largest job creator in the kingdom, the comprehensive set of reforms are working to create unique, safe, and affordable touristic experiences for Morocco’s visitors,” writes Ezzoubeir Jabrane. 

The changes are coming to its hotel rankings, guide training, transportation and security. 

“Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism has implemented two main strategies in its endeavor to provide high quality accommodation at an affordable cost,” writes Jabrane. “In addition, it has placed enormous importance on increasing the number of tourist accommodation establishments. This has resulted in an impressive increase in room capacity, up from 97,000 beds in 2001 to more than 230,000 beds at the end of 2015.”

There have also been reforms to transportation. 

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“These include provisions related to vehicle maintenance, minimum number of passengers per vehicle, insurance, social service benefits and the submission of annual activity reports,” says Jabrane. 

Guides are now required to complete more training, as well. 

“Earlier this month the Ministry initiated a compulsory yearly training for “Guide of Cities and Tourist Circuits” and “Guides of Natural Spaces,” writes Jabrane. 

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