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New Maui Program Lets Visitors Borrow Shelter Dogs for a Day

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff October 18, 2016

New Maui Program Lets Visitors Borrow Shelter Dogs for a Day

Photo courtesy Thinkstock. 

Have you ever envisioned yourself trotting along the beach with a dog at your side on a visit to Hawaii?

Maui’s new Beach Buddies program can make that dream a reality, says the Huffington Post where Landess Kearns writes about the new program through the Maui Humane Society. 

“[The program] open to both tourists and Maui residents alike. All of the available dogs are specifically chosen for the program and are up for adoption, so spending a day out of the shelter gives them a chance to exercise, socialize and maybe even find a forever family,” writes Landess. 

Visitors can do almost anything with their pup, including a dip in the ocean, hiking or a scenic drive. 

“Nancy Willis, director of development for the Maui Humane Society, told The Huffington Post that the program is “such a great opportunity to get the dogs out of the shelter environment for a few hours,” writes Landess. 

Each dog has a daypack with everything they need for the day, and dogs have "adopt me" leashes so that people know that they are in need of homes. 

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“We didn’t need another reason to fall in love with the island of Maui, but these adorable, adoptable pups are making it an even more irresistible destination,” says Landess. 

For more on the Beach Buddies program and to see some adorable photos of puppies on a day out, read on here