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North America Tourism Expected to Grow

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff October 20, 2016

North America Tourism Expected to Grow

PHOTO: Backroads will take guests to Banff's inaccessible terrain. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock) 

It looks like next year is going to be one for the record books when it comes to travel in North America, according to Benzinga. Tour operator Backroads has found that travelers are opting to stay close to home. 

“The company announced its 2017 trip lineup including seven brand-new trips in North America – in addition to the more than 40 destinations the company launched last month,” says the report. 

Bookings for the coming year are rising. 

According to Backroads, “traveling close to home has always been popular, but in 2017 guest bookings for the United States and the Canadian Rockies are already proving to be top vacation choices.” 

Backroads is seeing an influx in bookings from North American travelers staying close to home and traveling in North America. 

"Sometimes the best vacations are those closest to home. We designed many of our new North American adventure tours to maximize extended weekends and for some folks to be only a short drive or quick plane flight away," Backroads founder and president, Tom Hale, tells Benzinga. "Whether it's the excitement of heli-hiking, or a luxurious wine country trip with an emphasis on leisure, we have seen a big uptick with guests wanting to explore North America on a Backroads trip in the style that they have come to love."

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For those who want to get out and explore, there are many new options. 

“The new offering takes guests to explore the remote wilderness and inaccessible terrain from Banff to the Bugaboos. The company is also rolling out new North American biking trips including Hudson Valley – from New York's Historic Riverway to the Catskills, Arizona's Tucson and Sonoran Desert – from artsy towns to Saguaro National Park, and a leisurely Napa Valley bike tour – luxurious retreats and easy biking in the heart of the California Wine Country,” writes Benzinga. 

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