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Off the Beaten Path on Molokai in Hawaii

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff October 19, 2016

Off the Beaten Path on Molokai in Hawaii


Hawaii isn’t exactly an off-the-beaten-path destination, but if you are looking to discover it’s more rustic side, head to Molokai, says the Los Angeles Times’ Meghan Miner. 

“Isolated Molokai has long lured the intrepid off Hawaii’s well-worn tourist paths. The 260-square-mile island, home to just 7,000 residents, is proudly and fiercely resistant to change,” says Miner. 

In order to more closely bond with the locals, Miner notes that many tourists opt for a homestay. But the island does have one hotel — the Hotel Molokai. 

“Rooms in the ’60s-style Polynesian bungalows can be stuffy — there’s no air conditioning — and lack a cellphone signal, but otherwise have everything you need for a home base,” she says. 

It also has its share of unique dining experiences. 

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“If you can ignore the fight-or-flight response that kicks in while walking to the Kanemitsu Bakery’s not-so-secret window along a darkened alleyway in after-hours Kaunakakai, you’ll be rewarded with a plastic-bag bounty,” she says. 

There are also some unique experiences on the island. Miner suggests checking out the Big Wind Kite Factory, where you can watch the employees stitch the handmade kites from scratch. 

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