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Portugal for Adventure-Lovers

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 16, 2016

Portugal for Adventure-Lovers

 PHOTO: Combine wine with a cycling adventure in the Douro Valley. (photo courtesy of Thinkstock

Food isn’t the only reason why travelers are falling in love with Portugal. Adventure enthusiasts are discovering the many opportunities for thrills and adrenaline that the country has to offer, said Travel + Leisure

“There are dozens of adventurous things to do in Portugal — an easy-to-reach country on the Atlantic edge of Spain. Here, you'll find snorkeling and trekking, rock climbing, even off-roading and bullfighting,” wrote Travel + Leisure. 

Not only is adventure on the rise, but Portugal also presents a good value for U.S. travelers as well as seven distinct regions for thrill-seekers. 

In Porto, “you'll find the country's only National Park — a diverse mix of rugged mountains and reservoirs. And on the beaches hugging Lisbon, you'll find locals and visitors surfing, body boarding and kite surfing,” wrote Travel + Leisure. 

One example that showcases Portugal’s adventure potential is Jeep trekking. 

“The Peneda-Geres Park is a prime location for off-roading. It's also the only Portuguese protected area classified as a National Park,” Travel + Leisure said. 

In the Tras-os-Montes region, visitors will want to hit the water. 

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“Ditch the Jeep in the mountains of the Tras-os-Montes region. Here, visitors can head into the deep river valleys and rivers for an afternoon of canoeing,” said T+L. 

The Douro Valley, known for its wine, is also perfect for cycling enthusiasts. 

“Terraced hills and olive groves are the perfect backdrop for a scenic — and challenging — bike ride through the country's premier wine region,” wrote T+L. 

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