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That Hip Hop Hall Of Fame Now Has A Beautiful Concept Design

Destination & Tourism Gabe Zaldivar November 09, 2016

That Hip Hop Hall Of Fame Now Has A Beautiful Concept Design

PHOTO: Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum & Hotel Entertainment Complex concept design. (PRNewsFoto/Hip Hop Hall of Fame)

New York moves ever closer to a monument to Hip Hop and the multitude of artists who have gifted this world some amazing music.

TravelPulse reported back in December 2014 on the budding concept of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame and its prospective space that would open in Manhattan. Well, now we have word that the museum has a concept design that would add a hotel and retail space to the location.

A press release from the Hip Hop Hall of Fame illustrates just what this massive space would look like when it’s completed.

(PRNewsFoto/Hip Hop Hall of Fame)

A video posted a couple years ago points to a space that is far more than a museum to reflect on the genre’s past and future but a destination that would entertain in myriad ways:

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A release states the HHHOF is in the process of picking between two possible locations for what would be a grand opening for sometime in 2019-2020.

JT Thompson, founder of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum expounded on the news: “We are pleased that the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum & Hotel Building project is moving forward and that it will have a major socio-economic impact on tourism, culture, education, live events, film & television production and broadcasting, and job creation in New York City.”

There are some intriguing and dramatic numbers bandied about in regards to that “socio-economic impact.”

The release states the HHHOF would be a massive installation that would not just be a museum and hotel destination but also offer items like an arcade, TV studio, sports bar and more.

It would aim to cater to somewhere in the realm of a million visitors a year and would be situated with a, “proximity to transportation hub areas where an estimated 20+ million tourists and commuters pass by and travel annually.”

It’s clear that organizers want more than a place to enjoy hip-hop and all that comes with the genre but a travel hot spot that would attract myriad locals and visitors from all over the world.