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The Cheapest Cities in Asia for Travel

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff January 12, 2017

The Cheapest Cities in Asia for Travel

PHOTO: Pokhara, Nepal, is one of the least expensive destinations in Asia. (Photo via Behnken) 

Looking to save on travel to Asia? Simply Holiday Deals has some suggestions for which cities offer the most bang for your travel buck. 

Simply Holidays and the Backpacker Travel Index compiled research to come up with the top 10 least expensive cities in Asia and coming in at number one is Pokhara, Nepal. 

“When you’re looking for adventure on a stunning natural backdrop, Pokhara is the place for you. Surrounding the Annapurna mountain range, you’ll find endless opportunities for hiking, boating, paragliding and cycling. Best of all, given these prices, you can try everything without breaking the budget,” writes Nicole West.

According to the resulting infographic, travelers will find a good hostel in Pokhara for less than $5. Transportation and entrance fees at attractions are under $2 and meals hover around $10. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand is also inexpensive. According to the infographic, accommodations are around $5, transportation is about $1.50 and attractions are a bit more. 

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“Chiang Mai is where travelers go to relax, after the hustle and bustle of busy Bangkok or the vibrant beaches of Patong. Within the emerald countryside, opportunities abound for rainforest walks, visits to elephant sanctuaries, souvenir shopping in traditional villages and wandering through the historic center,” says West.

Rounding out the top five on the list are Hanoi, Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh City, and Vietnam; Goa, India.

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