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Tips for Budget Travel in Europe

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff October 31, 2016

Tips for Budget Travel in Europe

PHOTO: Trafalgar Square, London (Photo courtesy Thinkstock) 

Finding the best budget places in Europe just got a little easier thanks to Andy Steves. Steves, who traveled to Europe every year as a kid with his father, Rick Steves, knows where some of the best — and most inexpensive — local hangouts are around the continent and has put them together in a handy budget guide, following in the footsteps of his father. 

Travel + Leisure picked Steves brain to get some helpful tips for traveling Europe on a budget and one of his top recommendations was to be flexible. 

“Booking last minute can sometimes provide deeper savings, especially when outside of popular early morning and late afternoon windows for business travelers,” Steves tells Talia Avakian. 

He also advises travelers to watch out for hidden fees on budget airlines. 

“While budget airlines can be a great way to save on flights, Steves notes that some carriers have hidden fees or inconveniences you'll want to consider,” writes Avakian. 

Steve also suggests travelers use iRail when taking the train. 

It “taps into the Eurail database to let you see train timetables and get mapped routes to find the quickest option,” Steves says. 

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Another recommendation for finding things to do includes utilizing city passes. 

“Steves suggests booking passes or reservations online for popular tourist attractions to skip the line and get discounted entry into multiple attractions,” says Avakian.

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