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Tips for Travel to Costa Rica

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff October 26, 2016

Tips for Travel to Costa Rica

PHOTO: Rio Celeste waterfall, Costa Rica. (Photo courtesy of Thinkstock) 

If Costa Rica is on your must-do list, Rough Guides has put together some handy tips for traveling to the country. 

“(A) steady increase in access to the Central American nation has helped persuade more and more travelers to stop daydreaming at their desks and instead book a plane ticket. If you’re one of them then consider this your beginner’s guide to squeezing the best out of the country,” says Chloe Cann. 

One of the first things Cann suggests is to plan for the high season. 

With so many North Americans flying south for the winter – not to mention locals traveling home – it’s pivotal to book in advance for the Christmas and New Year’s period. Both rooms and buses can sell out weeks ahead, but by being savvy and using several transport links (such as a private shuttle to one hub, paired with a public bus from there) it’s still possible to make things work, even at the height of peak season, she notes. 

She also recommends first-timers consider a tour. 

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“Veteran independent travelers might sniff at the idea of taking an escorted tour, especially in a country where hostels and hotels seemingly line every corner and English is so widely spoken. But with high demand, surprisingly high prices and few regular public bus services, a group tour means you can pack a lot of experiences into one 10-day trip without fretting about availability or logistics,” Cann points out. 

Another tip, come prepared to spend. 

“Costa Rica is among the most expensive countries to visit in Latin America. And it’s not just pricey when compared to its neighbors – for certain supermarket items such as bottled water and sunscreen it can even rival the UK and U.S.,” she says.

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