Last updated: 09:00 AM ET, Wed November 16 2016

Top Things to Do in Tokyo

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 16, 2016

Top Things to Do in Tokyo


Tokyo is a frenetic metropolis of 13 million and its constantly transforming so what are the top things to do and see? Vincenzo Prosperi has narrowed it down for the Huffington Post in a list that combines ancient history with the Tokyo’s futuristic feel. 

First, head to Tokyo Metropolitan Government. 

“The building was designed by Kenzo Tange, and has been used as headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government since 1991. When it was built, it was the highest building in Japan with the height of 243 meters,” writes Prosperi.

Visitors will find panoramic views and — on a good day — they can see Mount Fuji. 

Prosperi also recommends getting a taste of the traditional with a stop in Shimbashi, where visitors can stop in at an izakaya pub, popular among the Japanese working class. 

“The izakayas here mainly feature traditional Japanese dishes rather than Western, so it would be a good opportunity to have some Japanese foods, in addition to see Japanese workers lives. Unfortunately most of the pubs don’t have English menus, but you might find the experience very local,” writes Prosperi.

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For a dose of pop culture, visit Harajuku. 

“In Harajuku, you can find almost everything about Tokyo’s pop culture and especially Takeshita dori is one of the hustle-bustle and noisy street in Tokyo. Regardless of the day of the week, there are full of visitors who are trying to find something interesting,” says Prosperi. 

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