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Tourist Attractions in Southern New Jersey to Visit this Winter

Destination & Tourism Donald Wood November 30, 2016

Tourist Attractions in Southern New Jersey to Visit this Winter

Photo: Cape May, New Jersey. (Photo via Thinkstock)

For travelers looking to find a unique place to visit this winter, The Huffington Post has released a list of locations in southern New Jersey and the reasons why people should head to the shore during the holidays.

As Malerie Yolen-Cohen pointed out, New Jersey is so much more than the stereotypical region scene in shows like the Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and Jersey Shore.

“Plan a visit here, though, and you’ll see that just isn’t so,” Yolen-Cohen said. “What you will find are ‘walking school buses,’ Historic Preservation pioneers, crabbing tournaments, great chefs, beachfront hotels built by Holocaust survivors and so much more.”

Three of the cities focused on in this deep look at southern New Jersey are Haddonfield, Somers Point and Cape May. For the travelers looking for a touch of history, starting in Haddonfield is a smart decision.

“Downtown Haddonfield streets are so precious and picturesque, they’ve been compared to a Dickens scene, especially during the holidays when the town is aglow with candlelight,” Yolen-Cohen wrote. “It’s a Truman Show kind of place where locals actually say ‘good morning’ to strangers and engage with parents and kids on the daily ‘Walking School Bus,’ a procession past brick storefronts and beautiful stone churches to blocks-away Elementary, Middle and High Schools.”

As for the tourists looking to have a few drinks brewed by locals, check out the Cape May Brewing Company in Cape May.

“Cape May Brewing is the largest microbrewery in Southern NJ, and for now self-distributes throughout New Jersey and the Philly area and is branching out fast,” Yolen-Cohen continued. “Come in for a taste or five - and if you’re here on select winter Thursday evenings, participate in a Fireside Chat - when the owners, master-brewers and occasionally local farmers delve into the intricacies of the beer at hand.”

For more travel ideas for those thinking about visiting southern New Jersey, check out the full article of 20 reasons to visit the area here.