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Toy Story Land Breaks Ground at Shanghai Disneyland

Destination & Tourism Erik Yates November 14, 2016

Toy Story Land Breaks Ground at Shanghai Disneyland

Toy Story is one of the most endearing films of our time, if for no other reason than it put Pixar at the forefront of family entertainment. Shanghai Disneyland opened just this year, and has already been a massive success with families from all over China coming to experience the most unique of the Disney theme parks.

Now, the guests are going to feel a bit “smaller” as they are transformed into toys and set free in the all-new Toy Story Land. The new land has just broken ground at Shanghai Disney and promises to be an adventure that is not only uniquely Disney, but also uniquely Chinese.

Shanghai Disneyland opened in 2016 with some major attractions that have never been seen anywhere else in the world. From an entire land themed to “Pirates of the Caribbean” featuring a ground-breaking new Pirates attraction, to a future where gamers ride on the grid on Tron’s Lightcycles, Shanghai Disneyland has been park that has broken Disney tradition. Now, comes word on Toy Story Land, which will open in 2018. The new land will put guests right in the middle of Andy’s backyard and will have them go on several different adventures.

While it’s unusual for a park to announce a brand new land right after its opening, Shanghai Disneyland is apparently breaking the mold on that as well. An all new Tron Experience opened up a few months ago, before the park even finished its first year of operations. Toy Story is also an extremely popular choice in China. Shanghai Disneyland is the only place in the world where you can sleep in a Toy Story themed hotel. No, we’re not just talking a single room or floor, it’s an entire hotel themed to Toy Story. Guests simply love the adventures of Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the rest of the gang. Shanghai is also home to one of the most immersive and complex shooting games, with Buzz Lightyear’s Planetary Rescue.

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“We couldn’t be more pleased with Shanghai Disneyland’s first four months of operation and couldn’t be more excited about our future in mainland China,” said Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “We’re demonstrating our confidence by breaking ground on a new Toy Story Land that will be both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese, delighting our guests for years to come.”

“Since its opening in June this year, Shanghai Disneyland’s operation has run smoothly and our guests have been very enthusiastic. We have received positive feedback from the entire society – all of which makes us excited about the future,” said Fan Xiping, chairman of Shanghai Shendi Group. “The newly announced Toy Story Land is part of the accelerated expansion plan for the first phase of the theme park. Both shareholders will continue to launch more new experiences to meet the needs of our guests from China and all over the world.”

The new area will feature three new attractions and will be highly themed. There’s no word on what three new attractions will be featured, but there could be some familiar attractions from other parks around the globe. Toy Story Mania is featured at several parks, and is a family-friendly shooting game. There’s also the Slinky Dog Coaster, which is scheduled to open at Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando when they open their version of Toy Story Land.

All this should also coincide with a new Toy Story movie, “Toy Story 4,” which is scheduled to hit theaters worldwide in 2019. There’s no word on what the new story will be, but we’re sure that all of Andy’s friends will be there.