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TravelPulse Radio Gets Cultural With Ritz-Carlton Kapalua's Clifford Naeole

Destination & Tourism Gabe Zaldivar October 20, 2016

TravelPulse Radio Gets Cultural With Ritz-Carlton Kapalua's Clifford Naeole

PHOTO: The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalu offers an amazing view. (Photo courtesy Flickr/chadh)

Clifford Naeole is the Hawaii cultural advisor at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, and he dropped by TravelPulse Radio to pull the curtain back on Maui and show its splendor.

Naeole was nice enough to offer his expertise and advice on the show’s Ask a Local segment that aims to add a personal touch to some amazing locations around the world.

TravelPulse editor-in-chief and show host Tim Wood featured someone who is something of an unofficial mayor on this portion of the island. The entire show is a blast, but if you want to hear just this segment then go to about the 29-minute mark in the podcast below, which starts with a brief introduction by Wood.

From there, you can prepare to be captivated by the story of this particular Ritz-Carlton, which was constructed while maintaining the sanctity of hallowed grounds in the area.

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The conversation then turns toward Naeole’s wisdom on this particular section of the island, his advice for travelers coming to Hawaii and solid travel tips in general. When it comes to traversing the area, Naeole offers: “Speak to a local person, because we do want to share, and we do want to reconnect the hosted with the host.”

The cultural advisor certainly champions the notion of ditching the itinerary for a more organic process: “Go out and see the journey not just the destination. Go out and feel the place.”

Wood later asked Naeole if there were any tips or requests he would have of guests coming to see him at the Ritz-Carlton: “How can I be a partner with Hawaii to maintain Hawaii? What kind of footprint can I leave that will leave Hawaii a better place than when I first got here?”

If you do come from a place of respect, then something truly magical will take place. As Naeole states, you, “come to Hawaii as a guest; leave as family.” If we might suggest staying for Naeole’s explanation of mana, which is absolutely fascinating and really brings the segment together.