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Try One of These Amazing Adventures in 2017

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff December 01, 2016

Try One of These Amazing Adventures in 2017

PHOTO: Papua New Guinea (Photo courtesy Thinkstock) 

If you are one of those people who seeks out the most off-the-beaten-path destinations and adventures, you are probably wonder “what now” in 2017. 

The Huffington Post has some suggestions from William D. Chalmers. 

“If you have followed my past What’s Next? suggestions and done a couple of my 2014, 2015 and 2016 travel adventure travels, you know these are truly epic. So, Been there. Done that. What’s Next? Indeed, what?” writes Chalmers. 

His first suggestion for the coming year is Papua New Guinea. 

“An adventure here will take you beyond the cliché of being off the beaten path—because there is no path to beat in PNG (as it is locally known). It is a realm where bountiful Mother Nature is juxtaposed against slow moving Father Time and megadiverse geographically, biologically and anthropically,” says Chalmers. 

Cruising the Amazon is another way to go. 

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“Relive the adventure-drama of Werner Herzog’s masterpiece film Fitzcarraldo, by taking a 10-day old-school houseboat river cruise up some of the most remote parts of the Amazon River,” he recommends. 

Then there’s the Global Scavenger Hunt, which is basically like the “Amazing Race,” for regular people. 

“For savvy globetrotters and adventurers alike, try taking A Blind Date with the World that will have you circumnavigating the globe over 23-days visiting ten secret countries as a participant in the annual world travel adventure competition known as The Global Scavenger Hunt,” Chalmers says. 

But wait, there’s more and you can read about it here.