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Venice May Cap Visitor Numbers

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 04, 2016

Venice May Cap Visitor Numbers

PHOTO: Venice's Rialto bridge. (Photo courtesy Thinkstock) 

Venice, Italy, is considering a cap on the number of visitors it allows, according to a report in Italian news site The Local

Tourism might be fundamental to the northern city's economy, but the problems visitors bring with them - ranging from petty crime to excessive pressure on the historic bridges and roads - have provoked complaints from locals for years,” notes the paper. 

This is leading the city to cap visitor numbers in a similar way as the Cinque Terre on the country’s western coast. 

"We're thinking about it; it's not definite but we are considering it,” a spokesperson from tourism councillor Paola Mar's office confirmed to The Local on Wednesday. 

La Stampa has reported that the city is looking into online booking and smartphone apps to monitor crowds. 

The process is currently under review, according to The Local. 

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“A special commission is reportedly reviewing "every detail" of around seven proposed solutions, and by early 2017, the city plans to begin implementing solutions to the overcrowding,” reports the paper. 

Officials admit that, while this issue is on the table, it would be very difficult to implement or to control the number of visitors. 

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