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WATCH: History and Evolution Of World’s Most Dangerous Path

Destination & Tourism Gabe Zaldivar October 18, 2016

WATCH: History and Evolution Of World’s Most Dangerous Path

PHOTO: You can completely handle the world’s most dangerous path. (Photo courtesy YouTube/Tom Scott

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys things that sound more dangerous than they actually are, then you may want to consider visiting El Caminito del Rey in Malaga, Spain.

YouTube host Tom Scott regaled the Internet with another captivating look at a tucked away corner of the globe.

Some of you may not have heard of the series of walkways perched high atop a Spanish cliff, but the following video will have you enthralled with what sounds like an exciting if not completely sane use of your travel time.

Of course, walking what was once considered the world’s most dangerous path doesn’t have the same draw for adrenaline junkies it once did. After the video, you might agree that this place is one of the more unique and inviting travel destinations you might hope to find.

As Scott explains, the pathway was archaically designed and had to be abandoned, but it’s at that point that the more intrepid travelers marked this place down as a location to test the nerves and enjoy astoundingly beautiful scenery. 

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When deaths start to occur from the dilapidated confines, then something must be done in the hopes of saving lives, and that is what took place over this rejuvenated area that now boasts modern safety and pathways that sit just above their outdated brethren.

If you want to visit El Caminito, it has, as you would expect with a modernized travel attraction, it’s very own website.

The site houses a reservation system so you can secure your date with the nefarious-sounding pathway. It also boasts myriad videos and images of both the old and new bridges and passages.

As we have learned along our own travels. Just because something sounds dangerous doesn’t mean you should pass up the opportunity.