Last updated: 02:30 PM ET, Mon November 28 2016

WATCH: You Gotta See This See-Through Pool Overlooking Vancouver

Destination & Tourism Gabe Zaldivar November 28, 2016

WATCH: You Gotta See This See-Through Pool Overlooking Vancouver

 Photo via YouTube 

If you want to see what good living looks like, take a stroll by Vancouver’s posh One Pacific complex, which boasts a pool that is sure to draw the curious bystander.

YouTube channel Insider introduces us all to the fancy Google pool, which isn’t just a bunch of millennials sitting around scouring the Internet all day.

It’s an actual pool that you can hop into, but it’s not for the modest. That’s because the pool works as a sort of fishbowl for its patrons.

Take a look at the video and you will see that Vancouver now boasts something of an aquarium of swimming humans, splashing around in the resplendent sunshine.

To gawk openly at the good life, you need only take a stroll by the complex at One Pacific, but to enjoy the pool and show off your amazing backstroke, you'll also need throw a healthy sum at One Pacific sales representatives who are eager to call you a resident.

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We get a far deeper appreciation for the luxurious accommodations for soon-to-be condo dwellers at this centrally located complex at its website.

It boasts: “One Pacific – one block to everything Vancouver has to offer – the seawall, Yaletown, marina and the exciting sports & entertainment district.”

The following video gives you an idea as to the scope of the area and the property that boasts one amazing pool:

Vancouver has always been rich with beauty and wonderful things to do for travelers. Now, it also boasts a rather quirky pool nestled into the heart of the city.