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What to Do With 24 Hours in Iceland With Kids

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 29, 2016

What to Do With 24 Hours in Iceland With Kids

PHOTO: If you can find a quiet time to go, the Blue Lagoon is fun and relaxing. (Photo by Janeen Christoff

Sometimes, as a mom embarking on a journey with your two young girls, you are a little nervous about going somewhere totally unfamiliar. I’d heard rave reviews about Iceland, but I also heard that places like the Blue Lagoon were overrun with tourists. I didn’t really know what to expect, so when we flew Wow Air, I booked a stopover for a day to check it out.

So far, we are blown away. 

The Blue Lagoon was not overrun with visitors — likely because it’s November. Apart from that, it was very family friendly and we spent way more time there than we thought. Being there with two girls (ages 7 and 9) means that we got a kick out of the silica masks and the algae masks and took a dozen or so selfies of ourselves caked in white mud that felt like a candy coating once it hardened. 

We didn’t even have to leave the lagoon to rehydrate and also enjoy a drink. My glass of prosecco was included and the girls had blue raspberry and cherry slurps for the kiddos — they were served lagoon-side, meaning we could continue to enjoy the hot springs.

We made our way all around, from lava rock cave formations to the sauna to a waterfall and the far corners of the lagoon. After two hours, we still didn’t want to leave but our fingers were so shriveled, we looked like raisins — and admittedly, hunger became a factor. 

PHOTO: The Blue Lagoon was relaxing for adults and fun for the kids. 

Staying at the Geo Hotel Grindavik was also a win. The hotel provides shuttle transfer from the airport and to the Blue Lagoon. It also includes breakfast. We were able to score a ride at 4 a.m. when our flight landed to the hotel. Then, we slept in and booked our Blue Lagoon transfer for around 3 p.m., which was perfect as the sun was low in the sky and the light at the lagoon was amazing. 

Our room at the Hotel Grindavik was spacious, extremely comfortable and very affordable. It is also next to a grocery store, perfect for some jet lag snacks in the morning/afternoon when you aren’t really sure what you want to eat. We came home with ramen noodles, yogurt, fruit and cookies — and that was perfect. 

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The friendly staff at the hotel were also able to provide information on where to eat and about the aurora forecast.

All these things have added up to make this Iceland experience magical and we can’t wait to come back. 

Pro-tips: For those following in our footsteps, book your Blue Lagoon tickets in advance and, if going with kids, they are free, but you will need to get them a towel when you arrive.