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What to Eat in the Streets of Sri Lanka

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff January 13, 2017

What to Eat in the Streets of Sri Lanka

PHOTO: Kottu is Sri Lanken street food. (Photo courtesy Joseph)

Head to Galle Face Green — part park, part beach — to taste some of Sri Lanka’s colorful street food, writes Georgina Wilson-Powell in the Independent

The park has quite a history — and didn’t always revolve around food. 

“Nowadays it’s the go-to spot for sampling Sri Lanka’s tasty rainbow of street food, but back in 1859, its promenade was the brainchild of the British governor of what was then Ceylon, who thought delicate ladies needed somewhere to take the air and turned the previously fortified area into a green space,” writes Wilson-Powell. 

While Galle Face Green is a great starting point, Wilson-Powell notes that there is no shortage of small bites around Sri Lanka. 

“On-the-go snacks are part of the national diet and cheap enough that everyone can fill up – you’ll be parting with pennies rather than pounds,” she says. 

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What to try when eating street food in Sri Lanka? One suggestion is isso vadei. 

“Today the park is ringed with food vendor carts lit by small puddles of electric light, selling nuclear orange isso vadei – spicy lentil cakes that have prawns either mixed in or balanced on top,” says Wilson-Powell. 

Kottu is another must. 

“A sort of Sri Lankan bubble and squeak, kottu was first made from curry leftovers – yesterday’s roti, vegetables, spices and meat or fish all mixed and chopped together,” says Wilson-Powell.

Hoppers are another favorite. 

“Sri Lankans love their hoppers – a pancake bowl served with either eggs in the morning or curries in the evening,” says Wilson-Powell.

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