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Where Is the World’s Best Ski Resort?

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff February 16, 2017

Where Is the World’s Best Ski Resort?

PHOTO: St Anton ski resort in Tyrol, Austria is blanketed in snow. (Photo via Flickr/Christian Heindel) 

Pinpointing which ski resort is the world’s best is never easy, but thanks to an upgrade, St Anton in Austria’s Tyrolean Alps may be bucking for the win, says an article on the Huffington Post

“Ski journalists get asked a lot of questions. Probably the most popular (after “How are your knees?”) is: “What’s your favorite resort?” This invariably results in a lot of chin-scratching and humming and hawing, but in my experience, there is one answer that comes up a lot, and that’s St Anton,” writes Mark Hodson. 

So what makes this resort stand out from others? 

“Well, firstly, St Anton has a great snow record and some of the best skiing in the world — both on and off piste. No question. But also, it’s a pretty village in the Austrian Tyrol with a genuine winter sports heritage, not to mention the legendary apres-ski (which involves drinking your body weight in lager and shots at 4 p.m. then dancing in your ski boots to trashy Europop and Germanic oompah),” Hodson explains. 

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The resort area has also received a multi-million-dollar transportation upgrade, easing the journey to nearby ski resorts. 

“The centerpiece of the new system is the high-speed Flexenbahn lift, which connects St Anton and Zurs. It’s a slick piece of engineering with shiny black gondolas, heated seats and futuristic buildings,” says Hodson. 

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