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Where to Travel According to the Chinese Zodiac

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff January 12, 2017

Where to Travel According to the Chinese Zodiac

PHOTO: Born in the year of the Rooster? Think about heading to Bali. (Photo courtesy of Thinkstock) 

What does your star sign say about where you should travel this year? Quite a lot, actually, according to a new post on the Expedia travel blog

“Call us traditional, but with the Lunar New Year beckoning in less than a month, we had to consult a Fengshui master to predict auspicious travel destinations for every zodiac in the Chinese Horoscope for us,” notes the Expedia blog. 

So where does that take you? Well, 2017 is said to be the year of the rooster and if that is your zodiac sign, Master Seldan says Bali may be in your future. 

“It’s your year, so you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work,” notes Master Seldan. “Travel to Bali to get your ohm on, or discover the unique Australian landscape with the famed Flinders Ranges and Murray River in Adelaide, all while enjoying the South Australian wine.”

Seldan also advises readers on who to travel with. Roosters heading to Bali or Australia should bring along their friends whose signs are ox, dragon or snake. 

According to Seldan, dragons should be heading to NYC. 

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“For the intelligent and ambitious dragons, see the entire world walk by as you marvel the spectacle at New York’s Times Square. There’s something about New York that sparks the creativity in you, whether it be its art, history or entertainment. For a city that houses a million dreams, this is where you will thrive,” Sedan notes. 

If you are an ox, one suggestion from Seldan is to head to Brazil. 

“Brazil is home to affectionate people, impressive scenery, beautiful beaches, unique music and dance, and the largest rainforest on earth. Definitely a country you would want to explore at length, given your determined mindset,” says Seldan.

For snakes, the European city of Vienna may be your mecca. 

“Being the lithe snake that you are, your flexible-style planning will have you exploring the artistic streets of Vienna, or the tropical island of Jeju in Korea. No country will daunt the intelligent, communicative you – you only have to ask to get,” says Seldan. 

Look up your zodiac sign and read on here for more on where you should travel this year.