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Which Countries Are Best for Adventure Travel?

Destination & Tourism Janeen Christoff November 02, 2016

Which Countries Are Best for Adventure Travel?

PHOTO: Iceland is number one for adventure. (Photo courtesy Iceland Tourist Board) 

Adventure travel is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the travel industry. Its a more-than-$3 billion industry so it’s not surprising to find that interest in this sector is growing by leaps and bounds. According to D’Marge, the Adventure Travel Trade Association has revealed its top destinations for adventure. 

“Countries were evaluated across ten different categories, including natural resources, cultural resources, tourism infrastructure, and safety. Points were awarded for features like UNESCO World Heritage sites and national parks, and the availability of eco-lodges and expert guides,” writes Elyse Romano. 

The winner was Iceland. 

“In 2016, the Adventure Travel Trade Association named the Nordic island country the top destination for adventure travelers,” says Romano. 

Germany, known for its enthusiasm for outdoor exploration, was number two and was followed by New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland, but when ranked by region, Iceland was still number one in the North America and Europe category. 

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“New Zealand was rated best in East Asia and the Pacific. Croatia secured the crown in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, while Chile took top honors in Latin America and the Caribbean. Israel, Bhutan, and Botswana won in the final three regions,” noted Romano. 

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