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Why Norway Is the Perfect Place to See the Northern Lights

Destination & Tourism Hurtigruten Janeen Christoff November 23, 2016

Why Norway Is the Perfect Place to See the Northern Lights

PHOTO: Go in search of the Northern Lights with Hurtigruten in Norway. (Photo courtesy Hurtigruten) 

For the last 10 years, there has been an intensifying of the Northern Lights and scientists say that that intensity is weakening. However, if you missed seeing the lights over the last 10 years, worry not. In Norway, the far north still experiences the Northern Lights with great frequency no matter their intensity. Visitors to the far north are in for a treat as Norway has a wide variety of experiences for those who come in search of the elusive aurora borealis. 

Truls Lynne Hansen at the Northern Lights Observatory in Tromsø says that “it is true that we are past the Northern Lights climax and that means that there will be fewer observations around Oslo and further south. But up here under the Northern Lights oval in Northern Norway we will not see any difference, though.”

For the many people fascinated by the Northern Lights, there is no better place to go in search of them than in Norway. and visitors will find that, while the Northern Lights may be a draw to the country in the wintertime, there are many other fascinating avenues to explore in the country’s frozen landscape.

Lights in the Lofoten Islands 
The Loften Islands are framed by a sense of rugged nature, with mountains that rise from the sea. Three-night packages for viewing the Northern Lights allow guests to stay in cozy waterfront fisherman cabins and learn the basics of how to capture the lights on camera. 

Guests can combine a trip here with snowboarding and alpine activities or do a Northern Lights safari as well as a rafting adventure. 

Ice Caving in Svalbard
In Svalbard, next to the North Pole, visitors can combine a hunt for the Northern Lights with an ice cave adventure. Explore the frozen, melting chambers of the Svalbard glaciers on a five-hour trek through spectacular caves and follow up the experience with a hunt for the Northern Lights in the evening. 

Dog Mushing and the Northern Lights
A truly unique way to experience the aurora borealis is with Svalbard Husky on a dog mushing adventure in the polar night. Explore the Arctic wilderness with a dog team as you head out into the night in search of these elusive lights. The four-hour long expedition is a deep dive into the culture and tradition of the frozen north. 

Guests are picked up from hotels, provided with all of the necessary equipment and escorted by experienced guides for an unforgettable adventure.

Setting Sail With Hurtigruten
Hurtigruten’s policy is that, if you sail with them on a Northern Lights cruise and don’t see the aurora, you get a free cruise — which is worth it just for that guarantee alone. 

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The "In Search of the Northern Lights" cruise sails between Tromso and Bergen with calls in Alesund, Trondheim, and Lofoten. Guests can choose to pair their Northern Lights sailing with a variety of activities including dog sledding, reindeer sledding, a snowmobile safari and more.

Arctic Nature in Narvik
Get to know Sami culture and history and experience a variety of snow-based activities in the Northern part of the country. One of the region’s most intriguing destinations is the Polar Park, the northernmost animal park in the world. Here, a cabin called Wolf Lodge has been created to offer one of the most unique experiences in the polar region. Visitors can sleep inside the wolf enclosure, getting an up close and personal experience with the wild side of this vast landscape.

For those not choosing to sleep with the wolves, night visits with them and the Northern Lights are also available.