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10 Trips To Relive the Best and Worst Shark Movies Ever

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | July 22, 2015

10 Trips To Relive the Best and Worst Shark Movies Ever

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As we hunker down in the bunker known as our living room to watch another “Sharknado” take place, we ponder on all the wonderful landmarks across the world that welcomed fictional shark devastation.

Now you might think that taking a side trip to admire locations that graced the screens of various shark movies means shorts and cool clothing.

As we see from “Sharknado 3,” which premieres Wednesday, July 22 at 9/8c on the SyFy network, this isn’t exactly the case. You see, sharks have traversed well beyond their oceanic confines for film.

Here are just a few spots around the world that have featured in fin-fueled films. Now these are just some of our favorite shark films.

And as you will see, favorite is an extremely inclusive term that includes classics as well as horrible camp.

“Sharknado 3” (2015):

While we have the popcorn and beer ready, we have yet to witness the full entertainment that is this third chapter in what is an amazing franchise.

Judging by the trailer, sharks will soon lay siege to a bunch of beautiful landmarks across this great nation.

Here are a few we caught in the scrumptious teaser.


Universal Orlando Resort (Orlando):

Thanks to some bizarre weather patterns, sharks again get the gift of flight and wreak havoc on an iconic locale. It seems, at least according to the trailer, that Universal Orlando will have a sizable amount of clean-up to deal with later this week.

Cabana Bay in Universal:

While shark movies ruined swimming in the ocean ages ago, the latest "Sharknado" romp ruins what is normally a serene day at the pool.

Just when you thought it was safe to soak up sun at Cabana Bay an onslaught of sharks start dropping in. So annoying.

The Orlando Sentinel also helps us out in spotting some of the attractions that make cameos in the new movie, such as The Disaster! And Twister.

Sharks, it would seem, like to keep things on topic.

National Mall (Washington D.C.):

Nothing is sacred to these animals, because Fin Sheperd — a man who continues to have the best name in the fictional universe — can be seen sprinting across the mall to contend with another frustrating weather front moving in.

Even the poor Lincoln Memorial gets a shark lap dance in a moment we assume is done with great depth and nuance.

Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral, Florida):

Take a tour of this innovative wonder and ponder space, time and producers’ ability to procure this location for an insane movie. 

Daytona International Speedway (Daytona Beach, Florida):

The Orlando Sentinel assures us that, yes, sharks even make their way onto the course at this famed speedway.

We imagine your next visit is to enjoy some brilliant racing, but you are also in the midst of film history.

“Jaws” (1975):

This is by far the best shark movie to come out, and it proved that you don’t always need a bigger boat to contend with beasts of the ocean.

You just might not come back with said boat.


Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts):

We recently celebrated this classic turning 40 years old and reminded you that you can still take a look at the spot that played home to the fictional Amity Island.

Curbed Cape Cod offers a handy map to allow for easy Hollywood spelunking through the various points of interest.

Universal Studios Tour (Hollywood, California):

One of the longer running tours, tourists can enjoy a ride around the Universal backlot, which features a brief encounter with Jaws, who still seems grumpy.

“Sharknado 2” (2014):


New York City:

As we covered at the time, a wide swath of New York was under shark attack back in 2014.

The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and CitiField were all included in the melee — although that was seen as a good day for Mets fans at the time.

“Sharknado” (2013):

The film that started it all continues to be the best in the series. You simply can’t top the tour de force that is Tara Reid.


Los Angeles:

As LAist offers, the movie showed a wide swath of the Los Angeles area, starting the action off in Santa Monica at the famed pier.

You can try to skip the 405 freeway, which also makes a cameo, but no Angeleno has ever figured out how to pull off that trick.

Thankfully, the Hollywood sign devastated in the movie remains intact.

“Jaws 3-D” (1983):

If you want to lose faith in filmmaking as an art form, “Jaws 3-D” is a fantastic selection, and one I wholly endorse.


SeaWorld (Orlando):

Seeing as how you are bumping around Florida, crossing shark items off your list, you might as well see where the guy who starred in "Innerspace" fought off unruly sharks.

“Finding Nemo” (2003):

Pixar brought us all underwater for an unforgettable journey of one clownfish trying to find his inquisitive son. Basically, it’s about as scary as “Jaws 3-D.”

Disneyland (Anaheim, California):

Bruce the Shark makes a quick cameo on the claustrophobia-inducing attraction at Disneyland. Enjoy!

Now there are movies that should have made the list that sadly don’t feature tourist attractions to date. “Deep Blue Sea,” we are looking at you.

However, we would love to hear about some spots where sharks have been featured that you absolutely adore.

Now we like to give you one trip for the road — one that doesn’t feature sharks but you should enjoy anyway.

“Piranha 3D” (2010):

As IMDB reminds, this over-the-top movie took place in Lake Havasu City, which is relatively sleepy until Spring Break.

That’s when rare geological events cause killer piranha to take over. Well, in this movie it does, anyway.

I’m just tickled that someone convinced Richard Dreyfuss, Elisabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd and Jerry O’Connell to star in this thing.

There is a producer out there with amazing power, which is far scarier than any ol’ shark.

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