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13 World Landmarks, Wild Places You Can Catch Pokemon on Pokemon Go

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | July 11, 2016

13 World Landmarks, Wild Places You Can Catch Pokemon on Pokemon Go

Image via YouTube

This past weekend I tried to download and get on Pokémon Go only to find that my initial attempt was rebuffed because the servers were far too busy at that moment. I was outraged. I’m an adult.

Well, I’m finally on the game that is taking over the world at the moment, completely ignoring my security and wellbeing in the process.

By now you’ve at the very least heard of Pokémon Go, but if not, here is a video of people playing the game throughout the expanse of London.

It will give you a semblance of the size and scope we are talking about here (Video does contain a couple instances of NSFW language):

Basically, you go around catching virtual monsters and raising their levels through various means. It means locating these Pokémon and myriad gyms in the area.

Here is the game's trailer:

And because we like you, there is even a way to start with Pikachu:

We thought it would make sense to show you just how amazing this simple, albeit clunky, game could be as a travel asset.

People are out and about, scrawling the area for little fictional animals for their avatar’s procurement. It’s a new and innovative way to spread across the city and find new locations while you find, well, Pokémon.

Here are just a few that have popped up around the world. But please remember, trespassing is still trespassing as those in Virginia have found. So catch them all, but do so responsibly.

Universal Orlando:

Photo courtesy of Gina Blum

Take time away from having actual fun to employ some virtual enjoyment at Universal Orlando. It may just land you an otherwise grumpy Bulbasaur.

Korean Demilitarized Zone:

Photo via Reddit

Um, so we don’t encourage you to go spelunking around the Korean demilitarized zone. However, it seems that some did start a Pokémon gym there, which you now know and can use to inform your previously dull friends.

Granted, we can’t tell you exactly what Pokémon you might find there, but we chalk this up to it being better left a mystery. Still we find its remarkable nature warrants consideration on this list.

At The Airport:

This obviously beats rummaging through magazines you won’t buy as you wait for your flight to come in.

At The Marijuana Dispensary:

Drowzee, as its wont to do, can be found in the most auspicious of places.

The Eiffel Tower:

There’s no need to bother with taking in amazing sights when there’s Dodrio and Lapince to catch.

While Getting Your Jam On:

You simply can’t stop catching these things, even while enjoying a night at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

The Freaking White House:

Someone at the White House, presumably and totally President Barack Obama, posted a Blastoise in the area Pokemon gym. Good luck catching that thing.

The Empire State Building:

Considering the trip to the top, this could be one expensive battle for Pidgeotto at the Empire State Building.

Sydney Opera House:

Tentacool obviously in the area to take in some unforgettable show.

The Colosseum:

Hitmonlee is just begging to be captured at the famed Colosseum. Local costumed gladiators may help the cause.

Niagara Falls:

Please be careful around Niagara Falls. We don’t want to hear about any Hypno related injuries.


As tourists who are trying to actually experience a moving moment in front of an amazing landmark will attest, the struggle is real.

Just About Anywhere:

We can’t quite tell that pyramids these are, but the image proves these darn Pokémon lurk near just about every landmark across this great expanse we call our planet.

Now go on out there and explore with a game that urges users to get out of the house and experience the world.

We like to think of this as a travel app disguised as the most innovative video game ever to hit smartphones.


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