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16 Beautiful Baked Goods You Must Try Around The World

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar October 27, 2016

16 Beautiful Baked Goods You Must Try Around The World

IMAGE: We hope you like internationally delicious baked goods. (Image courtesy Visit IOM)

We love pub crawls, food trips and adventures based around vineyards. But we hadn’t previously considered a global trip to find the best baked goods around.

Travel website Visit IOM unveiled a tasty infographic that features the various baked goods you absolutely must try in various countries around this great big planet of ours.

There are baked goods like Japan’s castella that apparently once satisfied the hunger of merchants and sailors way back in the 16th century, and then there are decadent looking morsels like the Pavlova, which continues to be a polarizing dish between Australia and New Zealand – both countries laying claim to its origins.

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We understand that many of you are still stricken with grief over the tumult surrounding “The Great British Bake Off,” but something tells us that a well-planned trip to various parts of the world will invigorate the soul.

You have your homework in the form of a gauntlet of baked goods you simply must try in the following countries. Just make sure you bring an extra big jug of milk along with you.

(Image courtesy Visit IOM)