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18 Super-Secret Menu Items From Around The Travel World

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | January 14, 2016

18 Super-Secret Menu Items From Around The Travel World

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Little did you know, but that next trip of yours comes with the added treat of being included into a very special and secret society.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean you will rule the world from behind the scenes, unless there is something truly special about Disney ice cream.

Rather, the following is a brief breakdown of some of those secret menu items you can find at various stages of travel.

Now this is hardly an exhaustive list, so please allow us an opportunity to be like the cool kids and hear any secrets you may have heard about.


There are a few hotels and resorts out there that are busy adding whimsy to various hidden menu items.

JW Marriott Grand Rapids: Sugar Cookies

If you find yourself at this particular hotel you can get more than social media love if you tweet out your experience.

Apparently you will also get sugar cookies for blasting your great time to all of your followers.

Kitano New York, Hakubai Restaurant: Energy Boost Genki Soup

According to a press release, visitors not feeling particularly well can get a boost of flavor and sustenance in the form of this soup provided by Chef Yukihiro Sato.

Windsor Court Hotel: Mark Wahlberg Sandwich

While you can’t get a Wahlburger at this spot, word is you can enjoy a chicken sandwich specifically designed to sate one of the more famous Wahlbergs.

The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village: Secret Poutine Menu

Slide into the Marker92 Waterfront Bar & Bistro and then subsequently have trouble sliding out. That’s because you just enjoyed its secret poutine fare.

Airport Om Noms:

Here are just a few things you might find in the great beyond known as the airport.

Potbelly’s: Chicago Midway Airport

As Thrillist reports, an already delicious sandwich spot has more under the hood. The Fireball and the, yes, Cheeseburger look particularly enticing. 

Five Guys: Reagan Airport, Washington D.C.

Yahoo! Food reports that the hamburger restaurant that puts the power of making burgers in its consumers’ hands has a secret menu.

Heck, you can even make an In-N-Out Double Double doppelganger, which is nice considering that the other burger joint isn’t yet featured at an airport.

Urban Taco: Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Located at DFW, Urban Taco will nicely satisfy that craving you have for sizzling meat wrapped snuggly in a tortilla.

According to Texas Monthly, they have some spilling of the proverbial beans to do. The publication suggests taking the regular pastor taco up to the next level with the sublime a la Tuma.

Familiar Fare:

Here are some old standbys that you will find at various airports that have some not-so-secret menus.

Starbucks: There is even a website that features all the ways you can annoy that barista who really just wants to get you a drip coffee.

Burger King: If you are a vegetarian at Burger King chances are you are horribly lost, or you are at an airport with seriously slim food choices. Thankfully, the secret menu features a Veggie Whopper.

McDonalds: Tired of all the sensible and healthy choices at McDonald’s? Well, just add an egg to everything.


Cruise lines were a bit tougher of a nut to crack. However, we did find a few tips and tricks that will make you feel like the kind of royalty that eats only the most secret of foods.

Disney Cruise Lines:

Little did you know but you can get a super secret treat delivered to your room on Disney cruises.

According to Touring Plans, you can down some Mickey Premium Bars or Mickey Mouse-shaped Rice Krispie treats. All you have to do is ask.

All Cruises:

One tip we saw coming up again and again, and one you may already know, is that there is really no limit to what you can order.

Have a hankering for three appetizers? Go for it. Want an extra main course? Well, first question your life decisions. Then order one.


Unfortunately, we can neither confirm nor deny some of these delicious secret items states you can order.

However, we would really be doing you a disservice if we didn’t recommend perusing the article for ideas.

Our favorites are the Jerk Chicken, which can be found on Avalon Waterways when chef Michael Baptiste is aboard, and the Foie Gras that Fran Golden found on a trip aboard a Seabourn Cruise ship.

Theme Parks:

Universal Orlando:

Apparently we have been missing out, because you can down Pumpkin Fizz at the Three Broomsticks or The Hog’s Head Pub in Hogsmeade Village.

Disney California Adventure:

Cove Bar is serving up at the very least five secret drinks, which is a little counter intuitive. The last person you want to trust with a secret is someone enjoying five drinks.

Magic Kingdom:

According to this chat thread (nothing but deep cuts here), you can get onion rings at the Tomorrowland Terrace.

Up In The Air:

Now unfortunately, things are pretty limited at 35,000 feet. However, there are some tricks to get something you may not have tried in the air. Heads out of the gutter, people.

Tend Bar: Previously, we regaled you with 15 cocktails you can order in the sky.

Order Off Menu: NBC News clues us in on some shenanigans you can pull prior to departure: “Your airline probably won’t volunteer this information, but the food is even better if you order from the ‘secret’ menu. And often, the economy class meals from this menu are better than the fare served up front. I’m talking about entrees for passengers with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians, vegans and diabetics. Be sure to contact your airline at least a day in advance to order the meal.”


Now hopefully the above will have you entertained and well fed. And, perhaps, it will give you the fuel to simply ask if the place you are at has something a little extra brewing behind the scenes.


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