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25 Potter Places To Visit In Honor Of Daniel Radcliffe's 25th Birthday

Entertainment | Tom Bastek | July 23, 2015

25 Potter Places To Visit In Honor Of Daniel Radcliffe's 25th Birthday

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Believe it or not, Harry Potter is 25. Yes Daniel Radcliffe turns 25 on July 23, and now that we have made everyone feel old, let’s get you on a trip to Potter paradise. If you really want to geek out in celebration of Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday, here are 25 places you can visit to help celebrate the special day.

12 Picket Post Close, Bracknell, Berkshire, England

Where else would we start but in the place where Harry spent the majority of his youth?  This is the home of the Dursleys, Harry's aunt, uncle and cousin. This ordinary house on an ordinary street proved to be just that when in 2003, just two years after the release of the first movie, the house failed to sell at auction. Silly Muggles.

London Zoo's Reptile House

If you can talk to snakes, this would be a good place to test out your talent as Harry did in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Just try not to make the glass disappear and free the inhabitants.

42 Bull’s Head Passage, Leadenhall Market

This storefront stood in as the entrance to the Leaky Caldron Pub where at the back wall you could enter into Diagon Alley.

Australia House

The building’s grand interior was used for Gringott's Wizarding Bank.

King's Cross Railway Station

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Platform 9 ¾ awaits you between platforms eight and nine (there actually isn't anything between the real platforms 9 and 10). Step up and grab a selfie with a half-in-the-wall luggage cart right below the Platform sign.

Gloucester Cathedral

Dating back to 679 A.D., the Gloucester Cathedral was the site where many of the interior shots of Hogwarts took place. Even if you aren’t a Potter fan, the history here makes it well worth a visit.

Christ’s Church College

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The grand dining hall at Hogwarts was actually built on a set, but if you want to see the hall it was based on, head to Christ’s Church College. The similarities are enchanting.

Duke Humfrey’s Library

Remember Harry sneaking into the restricted book section of Hogwarts Library?  That happened at the library.

Durham Cathedral

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The scene in the first movie with Harry walking through the snowy courtyard during the winter break, was filmed at Durham Cathedral. While you are there, donate £1 and you get to place a Lego brick on the build they are doing of the Cathedral pictured above!

Alnwick Castle

Visit the place where Harry learned to fly his broomstick inside the walls of this beautiful edifice and you'll be able to take a few lessons yourself. Alnwick Castle offers 20-minute broomstick lessons daily to young and old alike on the very spot where Harry learned.

Glenfinnan Viaduct 

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The Hogwarts Express can be seen chugging along the Glenfinnan Viaduct just before Ron and Harry catch up to it in a flying Ford Anglia in "Chamber of Secrets."

Loch Shiel, Loch Eilt, Loch Morar and Steall Waterfall

These three lakes were used for Hogwarts lake.  The waterfall was the location where they shot Harry’s battle with a dragon for the Tri-wizard Tournament in The Goblet of Fire.

Torren Lochan, Glencoe, Scotland

Overlooking the Torren Lochan is where you would find Hagrid’s home if it were not a set specifically built for the movies. The view on the property is quite nice, even without the gentle half-giant.

Lavenham, Suffolk

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The cottage where Harry Potter was born and where his parents were killed by Voldemort was actually built on set as well, but the house it was based on is in Lavenham.

Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace

Harry manages to fly right past all of the major sites in London in “The Order of the Phoenix” on his way to Sirius Black’s house.

Millennium Bridge

Constructed starting in 1998, the Millennium Bridge was opened in 2000 as a pedestrian bridge for those crossing the river. In the movies, this bridge was attacked by death eaters and sent falling into the Thames.

Claremont Square, Islington, London N1 

This London street may seem inconspicuous enough, which made it the perfect location for Grimmauld Place, the secret (and well-hidden) headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.

Piccadilly Circus

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione fight off disguised Death Eaters in a café, that was near London's iconic Piccadilly Circus.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

There is really no other place you can truly immerse yourself into the world of Harry Potter than at Universal Studios, Florida.

Odeon Theater, Leicester Square

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If you want to see where the stars of the movie (and others) make their way down the red carpet, go take in a flick at Odeon Theater. Pretty cool place to catch a movie, even without the movie references.

Alright Mr. Radcliffe, I hope you have a happy birthday. We are looking forward to a potential sequel, so that you can give us enough locations for your 50th birthday.

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