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5 Places to Re-Live MTV's Classic 'Road Rules'

Entertainment Christine Bord November 04, 2016

5 Places to Re-Live MTV's Classic 'Road Rules'

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"You've been picked for a road trip you'll never forget ... throw out your rules these are road rules." Nineties kids will surely remember these opening lines from "Road Rules," MTV's "Real World" spin-off in which five college-aged kids traveled across the country together in a Winnebago, accepting challenges along the way to earn cash or clues about their next destination.

After more than 20 years, the first season of "Road Rules" has been resurrected on MTV Classics, along with other ’90s favorites from the network, like "Beavis & Butt-head" and "Daria.”

With the show back in heavy rotation, many of us who grew up with the series are binge-watching it once again and, even if the show's drama doesn't hold up, many of the destinations Carlos, Kit, Mark, Shelly and Allison visited in that first season are still worth checking out.

Here's a look at five of the best stops from "Road Rules" season one:

Nevada Land Sailing

During the very first episode of the long-running series, the gang takes on Land Sailing in Nevada. Still popular with Vegas tourists today, riders take small sails, skimming along Nevada's dried up lakes at speeds of 50 or 60 miles per hour. DeTour Vegas still does daily Land Sailing tours daily. The cost is $199 per person and this includes pick up and drop off from the Vegas strip, snacks, safety gear and two hours of ride time. Get all the deets at

Colorado's Lucky Cat Dog Farm

For their third mission, the Road Rulers headed to Colorado to care for the dogs at the Lucky Cat Dog Farm. The farm still provides an "authentic dog sledding experience" to visitors interested in taking the reins. Lucky Cat's tours bring guests through the back country of Gunnison county, CO for 2 hours of pure solitude. Those who are more daring can stand on the sled or, for those who would prefer to sit back and relax, there is plenty of room to snuggle up in the back of the sled. Tours take place throughout the winter and cost $165 per adult.

Kleibert's Farm in Louisiana

As the Road Rules road trip made its way across Louisiana, the group split up and three of the travelers ended up working at Kleibert's Farm, a tourist destination they mistakenly thought would be home to a few docile cows, chickens and pigs. But, Kleibert's is actually a family-owned gator farm, where visitors can walk the Swamp People Trail and see over 300 alligators in their natural habitat, many ranging from 9 to 18 feet long. Adult admission is just $15.

Old Baldy in North Carolina

In North Carolina, the gang was sent to find Old Baldy, another misleading clue that actually led them to a lighthouse, not an elderly bald man as they were expecting. Old Baldy Lighthouse is North Carolina's oldest standing lighthouse, located on Bald Head Island, just south of Wilmington, NC. Today, you can take a guided tour of the island and Old Baldy, including a ferry ride from the mainland, for just $50. Book a tour now at

Skydiving Gillette Wisconsin

No travel-centric reality show today would be complete without skydiving, a trend that originated with "Road Rules" season one. As the crew passed through Wisconsin, they were given a clue that led them straight to Skydiving Gillette, where they went through five hours of training before taking a tandem dive with Gillette's experts. During the RR episode there were a few nail-biting moments as Mark's parachute didn't open but, luckily, the back up worked perfectly and everyone landed safely. Find out how to take a first skydive at

If this has you jonesing to see some old school "Road Rules" episodes, check out MTV Classics online schedule to find out when the episodes will be airing next.