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5 Realizations From Test Flying Delta's New App, 'OMG. I Can Meditate!'

Entertainment | Delta Air Lines | Gabe Zaldivar | January 08, 2016

5 Realizations From Test Flying Delta's New App, 'OMG. I Can Meditate!'

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Because there is no better or, point of fact, easier place to reach your zen center than the cabin of a cacophonous airplane spewing crying babies, engine noises and intermittent coughing your way, Delta has decided to add a wonderful meditation app to your journey.

Travel Mole reports Delta Air Lines, in an effort to relieve stress during your journey has decided to widen its seats, lower its prices and get to the gate on time.

Just kidding, Delta is just adding a popular meditation app to its in-flight entertainment offerings.

If you enjoy getting to your happy place efficiently, well this is tremendous news for you and yours.

The name of the app that will feature on the in-flight TV offering is "OMG I Can Meditate!," which is a name that seems antithetical to chilling out with your own inner being. This is like calling a tour of the local library "Holler If You Love To Read!"

In any case, I decided to try it out for myself to see how well it worked on the nerves.

Now the Delta version will, according to the report, feature “meditation exercises like 'Relaxing in the Clouds,' 'Blanket of Love,' and 'Dealing with Anxiety.'"

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Not having the opportunity to fly Delta anytime soon, I decided to take the iOS app version for a test run.

Unfortunately, the only lesson outside the many tutorials that was available was “Blanket of Love,” which means I type to you now from that meaty part of post relaxation that feels kind of like you want to just call off the rest of the day and go to bed for the night.

Here are my thoughts on portions of this app reaching you Delta passengers in the sky.

No. 1 – I certainly hope the tutorial coach Lynn is included in Delta’s offerings. She immediately calms the nerves in the same way a soccer mom packing orange slices and Capri Sun might.

No. 2 – You will need noise-canceling headphones.

I’m not quite sure how adept you are at meditating, but you will need a black belt to tune out the noise on an airplane, which includes but is not limited to the engines, the chatty pilot who moonlights as a meteorologist apparently and the baby 10 rows up who can throw its voice to make it sound like it's crying right next to you.

No. 3 – Some instructions will have more weight than others.

For the better part of five minutes I was instructed to breath in deeply, which is counter to how I usually like to breath when enjoying what is akin to a flying Cantina scene from “Star Wars.”

The smells on an airplane are countless—and sadly most are not the potpourri pleasant kind.

No. 4 – Another frequent instruction found on the app is to really explore your body and experience the space you find yourself.

At home this is a wonderful exercise as you feel your body weight in your chair and sense your feet lying comfortably on the floor.

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I would presume that this is a bit different 35,000 feet when all you can think about when you close your eyes is how the person in the aisle seat also wants to have a monopoly on the armrest.

No. 5 – If you can weather the environmental storm of noises, smells and other distractions then you will be in meditation heaven.

Blanket of Love had me melting like a pat of butter on a warm blueberry muffin. (Now I’m hungry.)

This particular track tosses affirmation and love at your ears like dodge balls being chucked at the slow kid in gym class.

The problem is, you often have to find a quiet place to truly enjoy mediation. I encourage any of you who will be flying Delta soon to get back to me and let me know if it worked out for you.

If you can indeed get past all that an airplane throws at you and still reach a calming place, perhaps you never needed meditation in the first place.

Then again, I could be wrong:

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